How to Simplify your Cryptocurrency Investment?

Natronz employs investment strategies focused on long-term growth and risk management. Our diversified portfolios encompass a variety of cryptocurrencies and projects meticulously scrutinized for their potential. Continuously monitoring market trends, we make timely adjustments to ensure our clients' portfolios remain optimally positioned.

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What is Natronz?

Born with strong value-picking genes, Natronz is one of the leading funding platforms in the world. The company has a strong clientele from various income classes across the globe.

We manage the wealth of some of the leading businessmen, successful professionals, and even ordinary people. The custodial value, we manage ranges from a few thousand dollars to many millions. We take pride in managing them with equal zest and objectivity!

Natronz is led by seasoned wealth managers. All our clients enjoy a strong relationship, built on professional and transparent counsel, irrespective of the size of their portfolio.

Token Sale

Participation in Pre-ICO and Public ICO is voluntary, a participant can use BTC/ETH/USDT to acquire tokens in the sale.

Total Token Supply




Public ICO


Pre ICO Price


Pre ICO Start Date

18th July, 2023

Pre ICO End Date

26th July 2023

Public ICO Price


Public ICO Start Date

27th July, 2023

Public ICO End Date

26th August, 2023

Token Allocation

15%Public Sale
10%Bounty & Rewards
20%Development Team
25%Reserve Fund

Funds Allocation

10%Legal & Advisory
20%Marketing & Sales
20%Admin & Operations
50%Platform Development

Our Products


NFT Game

Our NFT game business is a unique gaming experience that utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to offer players a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Our NFT game combines engaging gameplay mechanics with the ownership and collectability of NFTs, allowing players to truly own their in-game assets. We aim to disrupt the gaming industry by providing a fresh and innovative approach to gaming that appeals to both casual and hardcore gamers.

Our team of experienced developers and marketing professionals is committed to delivering a top-notch NFT gaming experience to players and driving the growth of the NFT gaming market.

NZ Chat

NZ Chat presents a diverse array of features carefully crafted to provide a fun and effortless chatting experience. Whether your intention is to connect with friends and family, make new acquaintances, or engage with like-minded individuals, we have you covered.

In real-time, NZ Chat brings together people from all corners of the globe. Our overarching mission is to transform the landscape of communication and foster profound relationships through cutting-edge technology.


E-Commerce Business

We connects buyers and sellers from around the world. Our mission is to make online shopping easy, accessible, and secure for everyone. We offer a wide range of products across various categories, making it easy for customers to find what they're looking for.

Software Business

We specializing in delivering innovative solutions to help businesses reach their goals. We have a team of experienced developers who are passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems. Our services range from custom software development to product engineering and maintenance.


Crypto Wallet Business

NZ Wallet is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency wallet designed for both novice and advanced users. Our platform makes it easy for individuals and businesses to securely store, manage, and transfer cryptocurrencies.

Our wallet uses advanced encryption techniques to protect user’s assets and is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all. With features like multi-signature support and biometric authentication, our users can rest assured that the funds are safe and secure.

Core team

Passionate BlockChain Enthusiast with proven record in FinTech, BlockChain Development, Platform Security and Marketing

Jeerapat Ratchadatanawadee
Himansu Panchal
Sr. Developer

Frequently Asked Question

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is Natronz?

NatronZ aims to empower our investors by pushing the boundaries of investment profitability through advanced technological enhancements, taking it to a superior level.

A participant can use BTC/ETH/USDT to buy Natronz tokens in Pre and Public ICO.

Participating in the Pre and Public ICO is simple, A participant needs to whitelist themselves by a simple KYC in order to enter the ICO.

What is the difference between Pre-ICO & Public ICO?

Pre ICO runs from 21st March till 29th March and is priced at $ 0.02 per token.

Public ICO runs from 04th April till 08th May and is priced at $ 0.03 per token.

Pre-ICO is for early investors who wishes to participate and Pre-ICO pool is only for 500 Million whereas Public-ICO is for 1.5 Billion token sale, that is why duration of Pre-ICO is shorter in comparison to the Public-ICO.

Soft Cap = $7 Million

Hard Cap = $60 Million

What type of token is Natronz?

In order to help the crowdfunding, currently Natronz will be an BEP20 Smart contract token. It will be exchanged in a 1:1 ratio once Natronz Main Net goes Live.

There is a token resting period of 30 days after the Public ICO Ends on 08th of May. The BEP20 Natronz tokens will be credited into the wallet Address shared by the user after 08th June. Kindly make sure to provide correct Ethereum address at the time of participating in the Pre-ICO or Public-ICO.

Participation in the ICO is voluntary and a participant from Pre-ICO can also enter the Public-ICO if they wish to accumulate more tokens.

Contact Natronz

79/139 Soi 15, Chajuchote Road, Aongoen, Saimai, Bangkok